Media as an agent of change in education and training.

The Media & Learning 2012 conference is aimed at policy makers, practitioners, service-providers and producers who want to share their experience of using media creatively to enhance learning, to identify ways for developing digital and media skills in education and training and to find new and effective ways to use media as a force for change in the learning process.

The conference programme will revolve around three main general themes and a series of specific topics:

  • Mapping future trends and developments in media-enhanced learning in all sectors
  • Boosting skills and competences in media production, use and re-use of media-enhanced content
  • Tracking the importance of media literacy and wisdom as fundamental building blocks in the creation of innovative, inclusive and future-proof education and training

Finalists in the annual MEDEA Awards will take part in the conference and presentations and input by them and winners from the awards in previous years will ensure there are plenty of examples of excellent usage of media in an educational setting.

The Media & Learning Conference 2012 is associated with the Creative Media Days. This conference is being organised by the Flemish Ministry of Education and ATiT with the support and help of the European Commission DGEAC. For more information, please visit the Media & Learning Conference 2012 web site.